JET-VAC Three Stage Steam Jet Vacuum System with Condensers and Condensate Removal Pump

Custom Engineered Vacuum Solutions

Get Reliable, Low-Cost Process Vacuum

Established in 1952, JET-VAC® Technologies is a renowned name in the process vacuum industry. Valued among our customers  world wide, JET-VAC® manufactures and supplies Steam Jet Vacuum Systems for a wide variety of industries.

JET-VAC two stage jet vacuum system with condensers
JET-VAC Two stage jet vacuum system with condensers

Our technology is a simple and inexpensive source of process vacuum solutions which provide safe, efficient, cost effective, and turn-key solutions throughout multiple industries. JET-VAC® has a responsive approach aimed at finding solutions for our customers.

We manufacture in the USA and feature the most reliable source for vacuum equipment. Based on a simple design, our technology generates vacuum for evaporation, stripping, distillation, evacuating, drying, chilling and degassing processes. Our simple design offers significant advantage over other vacuum sources. Driven by steam or other motive liquids, JET-VAC® offers the lowest capital and operating costs of any vacuum source on the market today.

Additional Benefits:


  • Reliable & Proven Technology
  • Design Flexibility
  • Deep Design Vacuum Possible
  • Needs Only Process, Utility & Structural Connections
  • Nearly maintenance free
  • No lubricating oil
  • Single and multi-stage ejector systems
  • Individual Components or Skid Systems
  • Interchangeable Components in Corrosive-Resistant Materials
  • Interchangeable* Materials of Construction (M.O.C.)

(*except graphite-lined ejectors)


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