Steam Jet Ejector and condenser replacement parts

Steam Jet Chillers

The Simplest, Most Reliable and Economical Way to Chill Liquids and Solids

JET-VAC steam-jet-chiller
Steam Jet Chiller

JET-VAC® Technologies ejector-based vacuum chillers can deliver the required quantity of chilled water for efficient process operations. From ambient, to just above freezing temperatures, JET-VAC® ejector-based vacuum chillers, can deliver during hot seasons, when cooling loads and inlet water temperatures decrease.

JET-VAC® chillers can reliably cool water, from conventional cooling towers, and other sources. They can use low-pressure steam, to achieve the required chilling temperatures year-round, and have numerous industrial applications for processing liquids, solids and heat-sensitive materials.


  • Reliable – no moving parts
  • Low operating cost – uses waste or low cost steam
  • Low maintenance, especially with a barometric condenser
  • No chemical refrigerants
  • Quiet
  • Few spare parts needed


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