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Jet Ejector & Condenser Spare Parts

JET-VAC® Technologies provides in-house manufacturing for all ejector components to the highest quality of standards. To ensure quick delivery, a large inventory of finished components, castings, and raw materials are maintained in house. For some components, we can even offer same day shipments, which will minimize your facility downtime.

*Our standard material offering for nozzles is 316 grade stainless steel – other materials are available upon request.

Keep An Inventory of Spare Parts

An inventory of recommended spare parts (nozzles, diffusers, and gasket sets) minimizes downtime in your facility. It is recommended to have a reserve inventory, either proactively stored at JET-VAC® or made and shipped, with your equipment, at the time of initial purchase. This also protects against prolonged outage as most ejectors are custom designed as it could take a few weeks to manufacture and ship the replacement parts.

JET-VAC Steam Jet Ejector

Typical Ejector Spare Parts

The nozzle head holds the motive steam nozzle in place and conveys steam into the ejector.

JET-VAC Steam Jet Ejector Nozzle Head (Steam Chest)

Nozzles are one of the most critical components in the ejector. Over time it can deteriorate (orifice increases) resulting in poor performance. Spare nozzles are recommended to be kept in your inventory to minimize downtime.

JET-VAC Steam Jet Ejector Motive Steam Nozzle

Condenser Tube Bundles can develop leaks do to cracking and / or erosion. When this occurs, cooling water can pass through the process side, resulting in poor condenser performance. JET-VAC Technologies provides replacement bundles designed and manufactured to meet original performance requirements. We can also up-grade to other materials as required. When ordering bundles, be sure to request condenser gaskets as well.

JET-VAC Shell and Tube Condenser Replacement Tube Bundle

Diffusers are critical components in the ejector. Over time, diffusers will deteriorate (scoring, cutting internal surfaces, product build-up, or throat diameter increases). The deterioration results in performance issues. To minimize downtime, spare diffusers are recommended to be kept in your inventory.

JET-VAC Steam Jet Ejector Diffuser

Suction Head conveys and mixes process vapors with motive fluids.

JET-VAC Steam Jet Ejector Suction Head Suction Chamber

The inspection Plug allows for evaluating the nozzle orifices for signs of wear or plugging.

JET-VAC Steam Jet Ejector Inspection Plug

The gasket(s) are used to provide a leak tight system and should be replaced during routine maintenance. A gasket set is recommended to be kept in your stock.

JET-VAC Steam Jet Ejector gasket set

The Strainer protects the nozzle orifice from clogging and should be cleaned when necessary and replaced when damaged.

JET-VAC Steam Jet Ejector strainer

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