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Fume Scrubbers

Efficiently Remove Process Fumes and Gases

JET-VAC® Technologies fume scrubbers offer a reliable way to remove and neutralize acid fumes, noxious laboratory gases, particulates, odors, dust, and condensable contaminants.

JET-VAC fume scrubber system
Fume scrubber system


  • More effective than filters for gas and condensable vapor removal
  • Not affected by corrosive fumes
  • Simple design, requiring very low maintenance
  • Economical and effective for laboratories and production facilities

The effectiveness, of the process, is enhanced by properly matching the contacting scrubber fluid, with the air or gas feed stream. For example, particulate contaminants are eliminated, by contact with the spray of the scrubber liquid. Gases and odors are removed by adsorption or reaction. Acids are neutralized, by basic solutions, and other contaminants are simply condensed into the liquid stream.

The JET-VAC® Scrubber Process is Simple and Economical

JET-VAC® Scrubbers work, by pulling contaminated fumes and gases, into the flow of a wash fluid, such as dilute sodium hydroxide. The intimate mixing, of air/gas and liquid streams, produces an effective and instant cleaning. Scrubbed of contaminants, the air/gas mixture is then separated, from the wash liquid, in a separation tank. The washing fluid is then recycled and reused.


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