Steam Jet Ejector and condenser replacement parts


Condensers are an integral part of a steam jet vacuum system

JET-VAC three stage steam jet vacuum with condensers
Three Stage Steam Jet Vacuum with Condensers.

They are used to reduce/ remove condensable components from the process stream. This result is a smaller, more economical system and reduced steam consumption.

Condenser Types

  • Barometric: A direct contact exchanger where the cooling water mixes directly with the process vapors. This is an efficient design, although potential contamination of the cooling water outlet, with process material, is consideration.
  • Indirect: A shell & tube exchanger where cooling water passes through one side (tube side) and the process vapors the other side (shell side). This type of exchanger does not allow mixing, of the process stream condensables, with the cooling water.

JET-VAC® designs and supplies condensers in compliance with the Heat Exchange Institute (H.E.I.), Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association (TEMA), and ASME Section 8, Division 1.


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