Steam Jet Ejector and condenser replacement parts


Pump or recirculate liquids using steam or other high-pressure condensable vapors

JET-VAC thermo-syphons
JET-VAC thermo-syphons made of cast iron

JET-VAC® Technologies Thermo-syphons are small, inexpensive, and fit right into a pipeline. There are no moving parts, packing or lubrication. This makes them ideal for handling toxic or corrosive liquids, including radioactive, used in nuclear power generating plants. JET-VAC® thermo-syphons have advantages over conventional pumps.


  • Low capital costs
  • No lubrication required
  • No seals or packing to leak
  • No electrical required
  • Can be welded in line, eliminating flanges and joints

JET-VAC®  Thermo-syphons are available in standard or corrosion-resistant materials, with flanged connections. They can be used as in-line heaters and for batch recirculation in tanks. They are ideal for use as sump drains and for tank-to-tank transfers.

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