Wood & Paper

Low grade steam recovery for pulp & paper drying using Thermocompressors and bleaching solutions utilizing Steam Jet Ejectors.

Wood and Paper Products Solutions

Thermocompressors use high-pressure stream to entrain a low-pressure stream. The two stream mix and discharge to an intermediate pressure. The fluids can be steam, air, propane or any other vapor phase material. When both vapors are steam, the compressor is referred to as a thermocompressor.

Steam Jet Ejectors manufactured in corrosion resistant materials such as Titanium are often used to create process vacuum in the pulp & paper industry where chlorine gas is pulled into a bleaching solution. Other materials including Phenolicly Impregnated Graphite are also available. Typical steam jet vacuum system consist of three stages with inter and aftercondensers.

Additional Applications:

  • Desuperheating
  • Steam Recompression
  • Evacuating
  • Mixing
  • Deaerating
  • Drying

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