Steam Jet Ejector and condenser replacement parts


Produce high-velocity steam

The Eductors JET-VAC® Technologies provides operate by converting high-pressure liquid, usually water, into a high-velocity steam or can also use process liquid as the motivating fluid. This then entrains and accelerates the gases/vapors, on the process suction side of the device, to create a vacuum.

Food & Beverage Process Vacuum Solutions

Eductors and Ejectors have the same functionality, in that they both use a motive fluid, to produce some level of vacuum. In general, the term Ejector is used when the motive fluid is a gas and the produced vacuum is used to evacuate or vent a vessel/system. Eductors can be manufactured in corrosion-resistant materials for use in corrosive environments.

Much like an Ejector, Eductors operate by passing motive fluid through an expanding nozzle. Vacuum Eductors are used in a variety of applications in the process industries, such as food and beverage, chemical/petrochemical, waste reduction, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, power and energy, and edible oil industries.

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